How To Rap Fast Like Eminem

How To Rap Fast 

Tips For Fast Rap Flow

If you want to learn how to rap fast and freestyle? It’s easy just follow these steps. all info about wordplay, punchlines, flow, rap battles. Freestyle rapping is spitting lyrics in ciphers (or alone) that you make up on the spot. Keep your freestyle lyrics strong funny, improvised and creative. it will give reason to listeners to connect with you.

No need to start off rhyming and No need to even rhyme. forget everything and just start your flow slowly The rhythm can be very simple for starting, the words might be also simple, keep free-styling as long as you can.

Do Freestyle Rap

Do not worry if you are make mistakes. if you sound stupid. Just Keep flowing. if Can’t think of a rhyme ? just Keep flowing ! its possible that at some point some of your spits won’t rhyme, it won’t make any sense, lyrically down grade but don’t stop just keep flowing. If you make a mistake, do your best to incorporate your mistake into your next lines. after some time you will find your are improving.

This is good trick to freestyle rapping when you are going to end line 1 your mind should start finding end of line 2, Lets say your first line is, My words like electricity shock. when realise that you are going to end the line with shock you should immediately think of something that rhymes with that word it could be like rock , block, stock, knock. Pick one and then try to create the second line.

Writing your lyrics will help you freestyle. When you write, rhymes which coming in your mind you will be able to pull these rhymes off the top of your head in a freestyle., and it will also improve your lyrical ability and vocabulary.

You Wanna Become Eminem ?

Don’t copy others you can’t be who is already in market trying to be yourself and be honest about your words.

Freestyle in front of some will give you confidence

Rap about thing around you this is definitely the best way to prove to the crowd that you are really freestyling and not just spitting something you wrote. Rap about things you see. Incorporate objects, actions, people, clothing, situations, relactions.

Read variety of books, comics, online articles, and magazines, hip-hop news and interviews, this is a best way to improve your vocal.

Practise Tongue Twisters you will loosen up your tongue more flexible and this will allow you to say words faster and it will also improve your breathing.

Practise Daily

Listen and practice Freestyling is must, listen other artist and Practice as much as you can. Freestyle with homeless people, with your friends, and with your family. Listen to other pro rappers who freestyle. Rap all the time and practice everyday and night. Practice might not make perfect, but it makes real good. it will improve your wordplay, flow, recording skills, song-writing etc.

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